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Among the many services that SMC Group Inc. and inspection offers as roof consultant. SMC Group Inc. is a fully licensed, certified, and insured company. SMC Group Inc. serves the entire Canada which also includes Richmond Hill and many major and minor regions of Canada.

roof consulting

SMC Group Inc. meet or exceed the Standards of Practice, and consists of licensed engineer’s and inspectors who have extensive roof consulting inspection. SMC Group Inc. will work with your own schedule to determine and discuss your particular roofing needs. Our team will always stand with you to assist you at all stages of roofing works. The specialists will also present innovative methods that will save you time, money, and will provide you with easy to read and understand photos and reports within 36 hours.

Among many items on the roof condition of Assessment, reports will be in a current status of every significant roof system element. It will cover each piece of roof mounted equipment, examination, recommendations and cost estimates

Roofs fail due to many different situations that including, the improper installment of HVAC equipment, penetrations or deck attachments, improper seam sealing, standing water, and much more. It is unfortunate that among every installation 20 percent of roof system failures occur within the first five years.

You may be interested in SMC Group Inc. Asset Management Plan or Maintenance Plan. SMC Group Inc. will help you to defer costly replacements, minimizes unexpected maintenance problems that maximize the roof system life. One of the benefits is that one or two yearly roof condition inspections can catch an issue with your roof while the issue is small and the cost of repair low. Additional reviews are approved when the roof has remained reduced to severe weather or other harmful conditions.

roof consulting

At SMC Group Inc. Project Engineering, we can give you with our expert team and home inspectors. Proudly providing services of all kinds of roofing needs in Richmond Hill and Entire Canada in all fields of roofings. Mentioned below is our contact details in case you have to book an appointment with us today.

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