Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is supposed to be among the most common sleeping positions, and it has some advantages when it comes to choosing the right mattress, but it can present some problems. This guide will summarize the benefits of unwanted sleeping while also giving advice regarding what sort of features and the challenges you should be looking for when deciding on the ideal mattress for side sleepers.

Challenges Faced by Side Sleepers

Side sleepers may face some challenges. This first and probably most common is that the arm that is dreaded numb! It can be difficult to find a position that doesn’t result in one of the arms getting squashed and end up with pins and needles. One solution is to put one arm behind the head but that not only puts strain but all night leaning your head may restrict blood flow.

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Some of the other challenges that side sleepers face relate to selecting a mattress. Side sleepers need many springs and support are not able to give it. If a mattress is too thin, then it can be uncomfortable for side sleepers when it’s the firmness and support. Sleeping on your side on a thin mattress can result as you sink into the bed in bottoming out. Side sleepers are going to find it difficult to sleep on water, spring or air mattress because they distribute weight or don’t offer the support.

Side Sleeping & Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain while sleeping is a common problem and it can be very disruptive to your sleep. Although it is very likely, you will be not able to lie on the shoulder side sleeping can be a way to alleviate the pain. However, as you sleep, it is still possible to sleep on your side, just be certain you use pillows to support your shoulder and keep you in a position that is comfortable.

What to Consider Selecting a Mattress for Side Sleepers


When it comes to selecting the firmness that is right, the best mattress for side sleepers will be on the side. This permits sinking in and will the body to natural cradle and encourage the spine’s curve. However, it shouldn’t be too soft otherwise it is not going to offer support that is enough. The best option is going to be the next in line which is more of medium firmness, although a medium-soft mattress so doesn’t opt for the choice. For the firmness, you would be searching on a scale of 1 to 10 to rank between a 6 and a three based on your personal preference.

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Side sleepers will want a mattress that supports the spine and also relieves pressure points at shoulders and the hips. Memory foam is a good option as it will shape to the body and encourage the spine while distributing weight evenly so as not to put pressure on hips, the shoulders or neck. Innerspring mattresses should be avoided, although Latex mattresses can be an alternative. This is because side sleeping causes addition to stress and may distort the coils.

Pelvic Rotation

Pelvic Rotation occurs when the muscles at the rear and the lumber region of the spine are misaligned. This is something that can often happen when a side sleeper curls their twists or legs in opposition with the body. This can cause or aggravate lower back and neck pain. It can be tricky to stop if you do it unconsciously during sleep, although it might be necessary to attempt to train your body not to twist. Having the mattress could be the answer as it might deal with the reasons for sleeping in this position by alleviating pressure points and supporting the natural spine. It may be the case that if your mattress is too firm or too shallow it twist to relieve stress or is causing you to curl up, but by doing so that it puts pressure on your spine.

Other Tips

In addition to choosing the ideal mattress for side sleepers, there are a couple of ways that you can alleviate pain or pressure caused during sleep from improper alignment.

When getting comfortable before going to sleep, try to be sure that your pelvis and hips are straight.
Try to keep your neck and spine in a straight line which is parallel to the floor.

Put a small pillow or cushion between your knees as this can improve spinal alignment and will minimize twisting.
Consider placing a pillow in front of you to discourage you from tilting forward from the torso.
Pick a cushion for your head that is not too high or too firm. Remember you need to keep your neck and neck.
It can take a few nights of sleeping on it to learn if it will be appropriate, so it is worth trying to find a mattress when choosing a new mattress.
Look for a mattress with a thick comfort layer since this is what’s going to conform to the body as you are currently sleeping.

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Advantages of Side Sleeping

Side Sleeping is said to be the position, and it includes several benefits. It is recommended that you sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your side can help to improve blood circulation and can alleviate pressure on your back and neck by elongating the spine. Reflux and heartburn conditions can be eased by sleeping on your side too. If you are prone to sleep sleeping on your side or suffer from sleep apnoea can help open up the airways. Side sleeping is also recommended in pregnancy since it alleviates the strain on almost all body parts.