Hanwei Practical XL Katana.

With a unique, lighter and much wider blade designed to cut Tatami mats,? The Hanwei Practical XL is an extremely affordable and ridiculously sharp Katana perfect for Dojo applications. However, as we’ll see in this hands-on review, it’s also quite at home in the Dojang (Korean sword school) too.

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Hanwei Practical XL Katana Review:

  1. Steel: 1566 Steel
  2. Point of Balance: 5″ from tsuba
  3. Weight: 2lbs 11oz

Sensei Mike Femal is a dojo/store supervisor that’s knowledgeable and highly recommended this katana for Tameshigiri. He stressed that this katana has got ‘bang for the buck’ when it appears to overall performance. During the whole process, we corresponded via email, and he provided some non-biased and accurate details of the Practical line as well as the Tori of katana.

We’d expect the Swedish steel blades that are powdered is something which can be worked up to, so we decided to go with all the Practical XL. We use the sword and do martial arts full time in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I like to indulge in some backyard. The spirit of Hanwei Steel is something which has caught my eye. I loved the look, and it was confirmed when We got the cane sword. These guys are for real. The two We own from CAS/Hanwei are, to me masterpieces although it’s a mass production item.

Well, it finally came. It came to my place of trade on Friday, and I did not even know it! With it just meeting there, not doing anything at the post office I needed to wait all weekend! I got ready for the day and woke up bright and early, As I pulled up to the post office, I got some funky chills. I felt like a little kid, who could not wait to open his presents on Christmas!

Katana specs:

  • Blade length:                        28 ½.”
  • Width at Guard:                 1.43″
  • Handle Length:                  11.”
  • Width at Tip:                        1.08″
  • Overall length:                    40 ½?
  • Thickness at Guard:       26″
  • Weight:                                    2lb 11oz
  • Thickness at Tip:              15″
  • Point of Balance:              5″
  • Sori:                                            3/4″.


  • Great geometry designed to make short work of light targets and tatami mats.
  • Extremely (incredibly) sharp blade.
  • Well assembled and quality iron fittings.

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Price wise, the best spot to select up the Practical XL would need to be www.martialartswords.com where it’s available for just $237 (the MRP is $360).