The Way to Tell if You’ve Got a REAL Pokemon ex-card


As a vendor, the most frequent question I’m required is “How can I tell if my Pokemon card is the ex-card?” Here is, in fact, a very tough question to answer.

A Pokemon “ex-card” can mean one of 2 things. The card could be from an Ultra Rare Holographic Card or a pair.

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Cards from a New Collection

Each one of the new sets of cards has the term “ex” from the name. Some instances include the collection, ex-Fire Red and Leaf Green, ex-Diamond and Pearl, and also ex Sandstorm, ex-Diamond and Pearl Wonders. Pictured below is a bunch of ex Sandstorm Pokemon Cards. Sometimes, that the “ex” ‘s hard to spot, however in this circumstance, it’s quite a bit more clear.

The Way to tell if You’re Taking a Look at a Pokemon ex-Card
A bit about ex-Cards

A Pokemon “ex” card additionally identifies an Ultra Rare Holographic card which has the title “ex” following the Pokemon title in the tag name. A Few Examples of cards contain “m charizard ex evolutions” in the string “ex-Fire Red and Leaf Green,” “Crawdaunt ex” in the string “ex Holon Phantoms,” and “Meganium ex” in the string “ex Unseen Forces.” Ex cards are tricky to discover in booster packs, and so costs that are high can be fetched by a number of them. You always need to be certain that the card that you’re looking at is the card you’re currently searching for before you purchase. Heres the way to tell a card

1.) These Cards’ name is distinct from the Cards

The cards are titled such as the Pokemon Lv. X Cards. Please pardon the watermarks; I pulled these.

On the left, I’m Electivire Lv.X out of “ex Diamond and Pearl.” The name of this ex-card (in this instance Meganium ex) is comparable.

Normal Cards don’t have the ex in their titles. Below is an image of Meganium in the show “ex Unseen Forces”

Notice the way the card over just says “Meganium” rather than “Meganium ex” like it is an ultra rare counterpart.

m charizard ex evolutions

2.) Pokemon ex-cards also have another edge afterward “normal cards”

Ultra Rare Holographic have borders rather than the boundaries like the cards. The sides possess an impact of some sort. Below are the images of “Megan ex” and “Meganium” again. The edge on the border of “Meganium ex” is a frilly white and contains a cool holographic impact while “Meganium” includes an ugly yellow side.

3) Counterfeit ex regrettably

You may sometimes find fake Pokemon cards. The problem comes up Whenever you’re managing a collectible in demand great. The border is used by the most counterfeits and will lose the effect. All these are items all ex-cards come except a Couple of promotional
With Pokemon cards, if your card is legit, you can look to see